1.  Solution offering

At Snskies we believe that every IT environment is unique. We understand that no IT environment is 100% secure and even with the best security systems in place, there is always the possibility of attackers slipping through the net. Identifying the flaws in your IT infrastructure is the first step in hardening your security defenses.

At Snskies we offer essential security services which are imperative to uncovering security vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

In addition to detecting vulnerabilities, our team offers its extensive technical expertise to guide customers’ security investments so that they can best secure their infrastructures.

1.1.      Cyber Security Consulting


1.1.1.   Security Governance & Compliance

1.1.2.   Risk Management

1.1.3.   Information Assurance & Business Resiliency

1.1.4.   Awareness & End User Education







1.2.      Cyber Security Integration


1.2.1.   Implementation Services

1.2.2.   Security Architecture Review

1.2.3.   Configuration Review

1.2.4.   IT Security Training

1.2.5.   Product Enhancement





1.3.      Cyber Security Support

In present era any downtime can bring business operations to a grinding halt. At Snskies our fully qualified team of technical specialists delivers support to our customers around the clock. Your convenience is our priority and we offer world-class support through a wide range of channels including site visits, telephone, and even our unique fully automated web-based ticketing system.

1.3.1.   Snskies Advance Support Services

  • Experts already know your environment
  • Keeps you up to date on the latest features of your devices
  • Have a certified expert for your devices on call at any time without complicated P.O. process


1.3.2.   Health Check Services

  • Understand device utilization and get best recommendations
  • Regular review keeps your configuration safe and clean
  • Identifies the lifecycle for all hardware and software


1.3.3.   Hardware Services

  • Rapid resolution in case of hardware failure
  • Single point of contact for the entire replacement process
  • Scalable Service Levels to match your needs
  • Verified & Independent Help AG spare supply


1.3.4.   Resident Engineer

  • On-site availability of the require expertise and technical skill sets
  • Minimize downtime, operational costs and maximize efficiency
  • Quickly adopt to changing requirements without recruiting


1.3.5.   Service Manager


  • Smooth coordination between multiple contacts/parties
  • Incidents, service & change requests are professionally monitored and managed
  • Review meetings, reporting for team and management