SNSKIES is a strategic information security consulting and system integration company started its operation in 2007 With a registered head office in Islamabad and regional offices in all major cities, SNSKIES provides leading technology business services to Telecoms, Service Providers, Financial sector  and enterprises across the region. 

SNSKIES is currently serving with its solution and services to the second largest infrastructure provider and largest 3G/4G operators. SNSKIES is serving the top two banks with our data center and security solutions. 

We also take pride in our hands on expertise of deploying national level solutions both in-line and Off-line to the core networks on Gateways in Pakistan and in the region for IPDR, Grey Traffic Monitoring systems and Cyber Security solutions such as National Firewall, Intrusion prevention systems, Advanced Malware protection, Big Data for SIEM and National SOC.

We value our customers and the services we provide comes with strategic consultancy; combined with tailored information security solutions and services that address their diverse requirements enabling them to evolve securely with a competitive edge.

Technology has changed the world beyond measure. Digital progress has made lives easier and businesses more efficient. However, with technological progress comes many threats to Government, Enterprise and Individuals. At Snskies we are transforming the cyber security landscape through a complete range of state of the art services and solutions for government security agencies all the way to businesses and individuals.