Because digital and electronic networks are by their nature always "on", monitoring potential cyber threats to these networks, systems and the assets linked to them is a 24/7 assignment. While some organizations are in a position to implement their own 24 hour, automated software led or human led cyber surveillance systems, this is neither optimal nor practical for many types of organizations that nevertheless must mitigate these types of risks. To help address this need, Snskies  offers Managed Security Services, an around the clock, remote monitoring, remediation and resolution service that puts the full capabilities and resources of the Snskies  organization at the service of our MSS teams.


A Snskies MSS deployment provides peace of mind day and night to organizations regarding their operations, networks, physical assets and premises. Our 24/7 staffed Secure Operations Centers (SOCs) and Network Operations Centers (NOCs) address the full spectrum of cyber risks through monitoring that includes security devices and assess firewall breaches, and premises intrusion attempts. They also determine whether threats are spurious or real, eliminating hunting activities and enabling appropriate intervention only when, and as, needed.

  • Security Event Management & Incident Response
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Remediation Management
  • Device Change Management
  • Log Management and Retention
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Managed Web Defense
  • Managed Source Code Review
  • Managed Web Application Firewall
  • Managed Next Generation Firewall


1.1.      On Premise SOC

We live in a world in which information and communication technologies are driving network expansion. A world in which everyone and everything is, or can be, connected. Currently over two billion people are connected to the internet, and this number is set to rise significantly as the 'internet of things' increases the interconnectivity of individuals, devices and appliances. Indeed, US technology firm Cisco predicts that 50 billion internet connected devices will be in use globally by 2020.

To help maintain business assurance and continuity, at Snskies we have developed extensive expertise in cyber security. Our staff of security professionals have decades of experience successfully helping Government and corporate customers safeguard their network infrastructure. We don't just implement; we innovate, creating new security capabilities to combat tomorrow's security threats today.

We understand the importance of business continuity; we understand the nature of the risks that can undermine commercial and operational success and sustainability; and we understand how significantly these risks, if left unchecked, can hit a company's bottom line and reputational capital. It is within this challenging landscape that Snskies has emerged as a leader in SOC services to help protect businesses in the MENA region and beyond from the threat of cyber-attack and intrusion.

Whether you need a SOC built and operated from scratch or you need assistance in upgrading what you currently have in place Snskies can provide assistance. Our team has experience building, upgrading, and operating some of the most sophisticated Next Generation SOCs in the world.

We are currently building our Security Operations Centre and our range of SOC services will provide secure operations and secure network support to companies on a 24/7 basis, helping to deliver innovative cyber resilience and preparedness in this age of hyper connectivity.



1.1.      Managed Remote SOC

As part of our work in this area, Snskies is designing and building a next generation of Remote Managed Security Services to provide remote monitoring, remediation, and incident resolution at an "off premises" location. Our world-class facility complemented by our world class team of cyber security professionals will use our proven and cutting edge Tiered Incident Analysis and Response Process.


Our proven and customizable approach is designed to minimize cyber security threats by monitoring real or near real time data feeds from various collection sources for suspicious, anomalous, and/or malicious activity. We help to determine whether threats are real, eliminating hunting activities, and enabling the development of appropriate interventions. The main thrust of these end to end secure monitoring and intervention resources is to help businesses identify and intercept security events. We also ensure uninterrupted operations and network service by reducing compromises to corporate infrastructure.

At Snskies all of our work is based on cutting edge industry leading processes and procedures, intelligence, research and development, and optimized cyber security operations. Our team of security professionals understand that securing your critical data requires a strategy based on your business needs. Whether your business is government or corporate we will work with you to provide a professional, effective, tailored, and scalable solution that will provide you with the peace of mind that your critical data infrastructure is secure.

Smart Solutions offers a comprehensive security suite of services comprising four elements of protection for both home and businesses; The Connected and Secure Home & Office; Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures; Mobile Peace of Mind; and Trusted Hardware Supply. Our security experts assess your needs and will design and deliver a solution that safeguards your business, protects your work personnel and keeps your family safe.

Following installation, we will stay right by your side, monitoring your security and ensuring you continue to benefits from exceptional protection. We can also give you access to solutions and equipment from leading global companies you may not find locally.


Snskies has developed a proprietary suite of mobile applications designed to secure data communications, conversations and documents. These are enabled using our own secure cloud infrastructure and ensure that personal communications are not susceptible to threats and continuity is maintained.