Smart Solutions offers a comprehensive security suite of services comprising four elements of protection for both home and businesses; The Connected and Secure Premises; Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures; Mobile Peace of Mind; and Trusted Hardware Supply. Our security experts assess your needs and will design and deliver a solution that safeguards your business, protects your work personnel and keeps your family safe.

Following installation, we will stay right by your side, monitoring your security and ensuring you continue to benefits from exceptional protection. We can also give you access to solutions and equipment from leading global companies you may not find locally.


1.1.      Secure Premises

Security doesn't begin and end with the enterprise. In a world of uncertainty, with growing turbulence in many regions, it makes sense to ensure your home and office is safe. Snskies covers every aspect of domestic and corporate security:


·         Access Control

We provide best in class controlled access technologies, including smart cards, fingerprint/face recognition and palm geometry, which ensure that only authorized people can gain entry and prevent unwanted intruders. Following a thorough site inspection and an analysis of emergency procedures, Snskies will design and deploy the best solution for every corporate or individual need.


·         Networking

Broadband is taken for granted but off-the-shelf security solutions are not always watertight. Snskies covers the entire wireless lifecycle from planning and site survey to installation and configuration, making your connection as fast and secure as possible.


·         CCTV

Helping secure property is our priority, which is why Snskies offers customizable wireless CCTV packages that can seamlessly record every inch. Trained surveyors will identify the right spots for installation and securely connect them to the wireless network for 24/7 visibility of access points and blind spots.


·         Parental Monitoring

Children are the most vulnerable target for malicious intruders. They are also at risk from internet threats. Our approved and tested Parental Control Installation service provides covert cameras equipped with motion detection that can keep an eye on children & childminders, streaming securely direct to a mobile app.



1.2.      Bug Sweeping

Information is the new currency of wealth. Company investment plans and intellectual property can be worth millions of dollars to thieves and competitors. Similarly, the current world of celebrity and instant stardom means that personal secrets can be sold for huge sums, or even hacked and exposed on the internet for free, as demonstrated by 2014's iCloud scandal.


At the same time, government plans and decisions have national security, commercial and market-influencing implications. This creates enormous incentive for using technical surveillance against a range of entities and individuals.

Whether it's intellectual property that has taken years to develop, a major commercial decision that will involve billions, a top secret government conversation, or advanced protection of home or personal devices, our Technical Security Services team is the only one in the region with the technical expertise and operational agility to protect you from all types of surveillance and information compromise.

We work to safeguard our clients from foreign government, corporate and organized criminal espionage by denying the use of electronic surveillance devices. Using the most advanced technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and global best practice in physical inspection, we detect, locate, analyses, and eliminate the threat of eavesdropping and surveillance in home, office, hospitality, and transportation environments.




1.3.      Mobile Peace of Mind

According to research reports, smartphone adoption in the Pakistan region stands at 44 percent. While that leads to gains in productivity and flexibility, it also opens the door to many more opportunities for valuable data and personal information to be intercepted. The phone hacking scandal in the UK is just one example of how easily mobile communications can be compromised.

That's why Snskies has developed a proprietary suite of mobile applications designed to secure data communications, conversations and documents. These are enabled using our own secure cloud infrastructure and ensure that personal communications are not susceptible to threats and continuity is maintained.





1.4.      Trusted Hardware Supply

Buying a new laptop or server from a global vendor isn't always free from risk. There are numerous vulnerable points in the supply chain that can be exploited to place bugs or other security risks.

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has highlighted the lack of visibility and understanding regarding how technology is developed, integrated and deployed, as well as the inherited risks and how to effectively mitigate those risks. However, it remains a largely ignored potential source of risk in corporate environments.


To eliminate the possibility of any vulnerability, Snskies will handle the procurement of all hardware and test it in our validation lab. When it is proven to be free from contamination, we will package it, deliver it and install it onsite.