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Azure migration with SNSKIES to leverage cloud benefits

Even while many businesses still feel comfortable running their applications from datacenters, they can decide in the future to switch to cloud infrastructure. We at SNSKIES provide a variety of services to aid these businesses in transforming themselves and facilitating a smooth transition to Azure.

We have the necessary expertise to successfully address challenges arising from cloud migrations using Azure SQL Database, Kubernetes, and Azure IaaS VMs thanks to our 4-pronged strategy of 'Re-host, Re-factor, Re-architect, and Rebuild' and our years of experience managing cloud migrations across global enterprises.

In order to deliver innovation through an agile cloud adoption approach and participate in enterprises' cloud journey, SNSKIES Systems and Azure have joined forces as partners. Due to our extensive consulting experience, we can create a road map for current IT real estates and provide enticing solutions to ensure a smooth transition.

Our Services

1. Application Migration

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for Azure Cloud as contrasted to running the applications from on-premise data centers is where the application migration plan gets its start. Additionally, you will create a Lift and Shift strategy from on-prem to Azure Cloud with the assistance of our Azure specialist. The application plan goes like below:

  • Rehost (on prem applications to be rehosted in IaaS and moved without any code changes)
  • Refactor (Involves repackaging of application to make it cloud compliant)
  • Rearchitect (Existing application are converted to Azure Kubernetes, which helps in scalability requirement of the code)
  • Rebuild (Building new applications from scratch for cloud responsive, innovative, and cutting-edge applications)

2. Database Migration to Azure Cloud

Enterprises see the need to migrate to Microsoft Azure-compatible databases like Azure SQL database Managed Instance, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, and Azure Cosmos database because legacy databases like MS SQL and Oracle DB are still being used by Rackspace. Every traditional network database is catered to by our solutions, which smoothly migrate them to the Azure Cloud.

3. Microservices on Azure

Small, autonomous software architectures known as microservices allow its component modules to communicate with one another using API contracts. Monolith applications running on Datacenters/On-premise Servers must be broken down into microservices using containers in Azure Kubernetes Services before being migrated to Azure. Our architects assist businesses in dismantling monolithic apps to increase cloud readiness, crash isolation, and independent scaling.

4. DevOps and Azure

A platform for continuous delivery called Microsoft Azure offers a variety of services and interfaces with a CI/CD pipeline to complete the development cycle. Azure and our DevOps solutions provide businesses a quicker, scalable, and reliable solution.

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