Cloud Transformation

Digital age deliverance through Cloud

Cloud Consulting Services

Digital age deliverance through Cloud

While increasing productivity and time-to-market, SNSKIES Cloud Consulting services provide the luxury of a reduction in IT resources and expenses. We support our customers with Cloud Migration Assessments, AWS Migration Assessments, and Azure Migration Assessments to match with your enterprise's digital strategy and have a smooth transition to Cloud Ecosystem. AWS and Azure are our committed cloud partners.

Service Offering

1. Cloud Architecture Consulting

The cloud architects at SNSKIES Systems are experts in understanding the IT estate of clients depending on their locations, cloud deployment and architecture solutions, and private cloud consulting. They have decades of experience designing cloud solutions. Following procedures would be included in a cloud architecture consulting project.

  • IT estate analysis
  • Integration assessment
  • Plan Deployment
  • Solution Provision

2. Containerization Consulting

Containerization, a promising digital technology, makes it easier to migrate monolithic applications to the cloud and is essential for Microservices Deployment. Enterprises primarily benefit from container systems on AWS and Azure to achieve agility, flexible scaling, and better deployment. Deploying containers on the cloud continues to be a key component of DevOps.

Businesses that currently use monolithic on-premises apps would be able to transition to the cloud ecosystem. Our containerization experts assist businesses with the decoupling of monolithic programs into microservices and subsequent containerization of on-premises applications for cloud deployment.

3. Cloud Optimization Services

You can analyze your current cloud architecture/design and pinpoint any pain points with the use of cloud optimization services. By utilizing cloud optimization, we can assist you:

  • Make the best use of cloud resources
  • Ensure complete cloud security
  • To cut costs, automate cloud operations
  • Enable smooth system integration capabilities

The SNSKIES Approach

In every organization, cloud first has become the new standard, even during the design stage. SNSKIES developed a fresh new product called SCFA to help people comprehend the Cloud First strategy.

The SCFA (SNSKIES Cloud First Approach) is a general strategy for designing or understanding your cloud real estate and developing specialized consulting solutions for your company.

  • 1. Assessment.
    In order to comprehend business objectives, determine technological viability, and assess return on investment, SNSKIES Cloud Consultants work seamlessly with your business and technical teams.
  • 2. Planning.
    To create a cutting-edge solution, SNSKIES cloud experts provide cloud solution architecture, resources/application consolidation, and cloud resource mapping.
  • 3. Execution strategy.
    To minimize risks and ensure a seamless transfer, we assist you in developing a phased migration strategy and roadmap during the last phase of consulting.

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