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Future-proof complicated systems that are still running from data centers must be moved to the cloud with a small change to their source code. Applications are merely moved from a data center to the cloud in a straightforward lift and shift migration without any adjustments to the controls to make them compatible with cloud resources. Applications can be re-platformed, re-hosted, and re-engineered using cloud engineering services to make them cloud-friendly.

Cloud engineering makes use of the cloud's capacity to address challenging business issues. Numerous cloud-independent SaaS products have been hosted by our cloud architects, who have offered solutions to finish many cloud-native applications.

A dedicated Cloud Engineering Center of Excellence for SNSKIES, SCEL (SNSKIES Cloud Engineering life-cycle) has a defined roadmap and the following business objectives:

  • Understanding the language of business
  • Design physical architecture
  • End-to-End iteration of Cloud Development
  • Application of Security layer
  • Maintain the IT systems in no-server setup

What We Offer

Cloud Architecture Consulting

Through the use of Cloud Native Architecture and PAAS capabilities, our Cloud Architects Consultants assist you in re-architecting your IT infrastructure. Development of Cloud Native applications, cloud-based testing, and the provision of big data solutions for the archiving of historical data are all components of cloud re-architecture.

Additionally, IaC (Infrastructure as a Code) is used to manage cloud devOps, and a Cost Advisor and a group of security experts handle cloud governance. In a typical Rebuild solution, programs are rewritten or refactored to function like microservices and cloud-based PaaS technologies are used.

2. Go Serverless

Do you know that CTOs and other IT leaders prefer the term 'serverless' when planning their IT infrastructure? A serverless setup uses a pay-for-value business model and does not require provisioning or management of an infrastructure. Microservices and Agile development methodologies can enable serverless computing.

Microservices and Approaches

Microservices are a class of software made up of small services that interact via clearly defined, separately deployed APIs. Our cloud architects could assist with the serverless transition of your monolithic applications from your IT systems to microservices. Typically, at SNSKIES, we divide monolithic systems into more manageable verticals using code management techniques like AWS Lambda or container management techniques like AWS Fargate.

Cloud Native Application Development

Cloud Native applications use serverless architecture, containerized application architecture, and dynamic orchestration. Making the decision to develop Cloud native applications can assist you in accelerating innovation and preparing for market problems.

Create apps continuously using microservices and containers to enable cloud service deployment. With more than six years of experience in cloud native development, SNSKIES Systems can provide deployment services for a variety of cloud services, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, depending on the needs of the client..

SNSKIES in the past has helped many customers to build cloud native applications to achieve:

  • Faster application development (67% faster product life-cycle)
  • Limitless scalability support (100% scalability support)
  • High Performance and reliable serverless setup (58% increase in performance)
  • Agile Business to respond to dynamic market (50% of enterprises respond to market changes at a faster rate)
  • Reduce Server downtime (Reduction of downtime up to 92%)

Cloud Elevator

Elevate the art of Cloud Re-engineering

The SNSKIES cloud elevator is a tested methodology that enables an enterprise's transition to the cloud. The cloud elevator technique begins with goal definition, where both business and technical goals are held, and then moves into a Cloud Discovery phase of consolidation and migration hub selection. Following the discovery phase, Cloud Elevator guides each application through a methodical sequence.

  • Assessment and Design: Decision tree for vendor selection and migration for each and every application.
  • Migration: Migration of the application discovered during the evaluation phase.
  • Stabilization: Incoming traffic is diverted to the newly migrated Cloud Environment, and performance-related problems are closely watched.
  • Optimization: Application optimization that is ongoing and adheres to the original goals.

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