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Security Device Management (SDM)

All security equipment' performance and availability are monitored and managed.

Finding the right security device management solutions can be challenging, given that there is very little room for error to mitigate threats that are growing faster than ever. SNSKIES is one of the leading security device management providers with in-house experts who can customize our solutions to meet your unique organizational demands.

Continuous Management of Security devices

Firewall Configuration and Management

Configure and control your firewall's lifecycle from our Security Operations Centre, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Manage your firewall rule base, group definitions, network routing tables, and ACLs with ease.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Use an intrusion detection system that delivers real-time warnings to warn you of cyber security dangers such as toolkits, backdoors, social engineering, and so on. Install an intrusion prevention system with IDP security measures to help prevent assaults.

Web Gateway Management

Use a web gateway management solution to safeguard your cloud endpoint devices in advance. With an efficient and timely web gateway management system, you may be armed with real-time threat security features such as isolating remote browsers and blocking assaults on regulated data.

Web Application Firewall Management

Improve firewall administration efforts to provide continuous web application firewall protection, resulting in a fully secure device environment. With comprehensive web application firewall administration features, you can protect all of your web-based programs by prohibiting dangerous HTTP/S traffic and avoiding data loss.

Network and Email DLP Management

Proactively monitor the health of your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to improve device availability and performance. To secure and access sensitive data in company emails, use email DLP management.

Why is our Security Device Management unique?

  • Backup/Restore Management as per customer policy
  • Network routing table(s) addition(s) & subtraction(s)
  • Patch Management on a periodic basis or as per customer policy
  • Network security profile management

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