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Security Assessment as a Service (SAaaS)

Discover in-depth insights of people, procedures, and technology-related security weaknesses.

To boost risk visibility and apply the appropriate security measures, you must have a full and exact understanding of your organization's security maturity. SNSKIES can assist you in achieving both current results, such as enhancing risk posture and identifying significant gaps, and future outcomes, such as developing security control catalogues and industry-specific security frameworks.

Future-proof security evaluation services

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

Assess your cyber security maturity model in terms of people, processes, and technology - everything from organizational structure assessment to security incident management to data protection. With an end-to-end cyber security maturity assessment, you can clearly specify standards for policy, governance, risk, metrics, and reporting.

NIST Framework and CIS Benchmark Assessment

Detect, assess, and manage mission-critical threats using the most recent NIST cyber security framework practices and recommendations. Deal with the most sophisticated assaults by implementing a comprehensive cyber security system. Improve current security and compliance standards in accordance with current Center of Internet Security (CIS) criteria.

Why are our security assessments unique?

  • User training & awareness
  • Human and Health Services (HHS)-based CMS Minimum Security Requirements (CMSR) framework
  • Other industry regulatory standards like HIPAA, PCI, etc.
  • Cryptography assessment

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