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The age of digital disruption has realigned how people and systems interact, and it has changed the scope of testing to be more customer-focused. At SNSKIES Systems, we have faith in the future of digital transformation long before it took on its current form. We have realigned and created a specialized user-centric digital application testing approach as part of our goal to embrace and ride the digital wave to meet the problems that SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) brings to the table.

NextGen Offerings

Our digital testing strategy includes developing forward-thinking testing solutions. Notably, our group's channel testing solution is created to take into account the difficulties associated with UXP development. Our overall strategy includes unique testing processes that are designed to enhance product usability, fine-tune its efficacy, and sharpen its responsiveness to the market's changing needs. Our primary offerings include:

  • Social Integration Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Testing
  • Digital Assurance
  • SOA Testing & Service Virtualization
  • Big Data & Analytics Testing

AI-Led Testing

AI-driven test automation increases testing teams' productivity by using reasoning, problem-solving, and machine learning based on recurring patterns to spot and fix problems as soon as they arise. The use of AI in software testing eliminates the need to manually update test cases frequently and identifies faults in a much more efficient way. Our capabilities include,

  • Self-healing scripts to identify changes in the application
  • Analysis of the test automation results
  • Defect Analytics on the severity of the bugs
  • Auto Update of defects in defect tracking tool
  • Build Analytics on the previous runs
  • Live Streaming of the test results with Intelligence

Cloud-based Testing

By combining reasoning, problem-solving, and machine learning based on recurrent patterns to identify and address issues as they arise, AI-driven test automation boosts the efficiency of testing teams. The frequent manual updating of test cases is eliminated when AI is used in software testing, and defects are found much more quickly as well.

Our capabilities include the following:

  • Cloud Lab Set-up
  • Multi-platform/Device Testing over Cloud
  • Test Automation Implementation
  • Performance Testing Lab Set-up

Security Testing

Applications are extremely likely to experience security breaches, making security testing increasingly important. Using a mixed testing methodology, our services assist enterprise customers in analyzing and testing applications for security flaws in relation to standards compliance. We also give the stakeholders a thorough security assessment report that aids in decision-making. The following are the approaches involved:

  • Static Code Analysis - The vulnerabilities and the requirement to follow coding standards and best practices are communicated to development teams.
  • Continuous Security Testing - Early and frequent detection of security issues during the development cycle reduces the risk exposure.

The digital testing services we offer are:

  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): Automated penetration testing allows us to analyze the application dynamically by simulating attacks like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, etc.
  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST): Allows to identify the security vulnerabilities found in source code through ‘Static Code Analysis’
  • Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST): Allows to analyze source code for security vulnerabilities while there is an interactive activity with the application like an automated test.

Microservices Testing

In order to overcome the lengthy test cycles of loosely connected services, organizations need tactical solutions. A practical approach is necessary for testing and certifying the microservices in order to clarify the fundamental components from a technical testing standpoint. Through the use of the right Tools & Techniques, SNSKIES' special methodology offers a practical, technologically sophisticated solution. Additionally, we conduct end-to-end testing to guarantee the appropriate operation of all process flows and services.

  • Isolating and testing the individual services from the Microservices Mesh
  • Mocking-up the upstream/data flow from the source systems through stubs and testing the Microservices
  • Consumer Driven contract testing to maintain the stability of the Microservices Ecosystem
  • Impact based testing of Microservices
  • Data Driven Testing and Goal-Based Testing
  • Performance Testing

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