Software Engineering

Engineering products of tomorrow with best-in-class software!

Product Engineering

Engineering products of tomorrow with best-in-class software!

Your product strategy and business objectives can be aligned with the support of our world-class team of solution consultants and subject matter experts. We employ a hands-on methodology to comprehend your business objectives, relate them to developments in the technological eco-system, and assist you in defining your product roadmap and transition strategy.

Our Product engineering approach comprises of:

  • Proven Techniques for Development, Performance Engineering, User Experience, and Testing
  • Platforms to expedite development and save time and effort
  • The Right Mix of People - Solution Consultants, BA, UX specialists, Architects, Developers, Managers, Testers, Release Engineers, and so on
  • Innovation to bring in differentiation and improvement of various product elements

Delivery Process Consulting:

We offer professional consultation for streamlining your delivery process so you can produce high-caliber software more quickly. By using our delivery process consulting, you could:

  • Manage dependencies between several development teams.
  • Maintain the level of delivery quality.
  • Manage the scope of your project to deliver on schedule and within budget.

The four core components of our development method, known as Quality First Development (QFD), consist of Test Ridden Development (TRD), Code Review, Continuous Integration, and Technical Health Check.

New Product Development

Within your budget and timeframe, SNSKIES Product Engineering professionals can turn your business idea into a software product. We have a great deal of experience creating Minimum Viable Products that can be easily modified based on customer input and industry trends.

We provide end-to-end assistance to software developers so they may produce high-quality software with a solid, scalable, extensible architecture and release a Minimum Viable Product to gather early customer input on the product's value proposition.

  • New Product Development includes:
  • Product ideation and solution design,
  • Minimum viable product development,
  • User experience and customer engagement design,
  • Development of digital capabilities,
  • Test automation (test driven development)
  • Build and release engineering (DevOps)

Product Testing

Software manufacturers can achieve product superiority with the assistance of SNSKIES experience and developed IQA approach. By employing the best verification and validation procedures, we contribute to improving code precision while making sure the software product is compatible with many platforms and that its functionality behaves as required. Our offerings consist of:

  • Performance automation, CI/CD, BDD, ATDD, and test automation
  • Testing Solutions in a Box including Functional/Non-functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Globalization Testing
  • Digital Testing

Product Sustenance

We assist enterprises in lowering the cost of maintenance through our capabilities in intelligent maintenance engineering. We provide our customers with efficient tools, technology, and processes so they may concentrate on newer initiatives and maintain a steady stream of satisfied clients.

Our Product Sustenance Services include:

  • Upkeep and support, with L1, L2, and L3 support adhering to SLAs
  • Localization and customization – Discovery to Delivery
  • Professional Services
  • Professional advice on upgrades to assist clients stay current with improvements, technology, and industry trends

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