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Cloud-Native Development

Unleashing the power of Cloud

Modern, hyper-scalable applications are essential for businesses to succeed in their respective industries. Microservices design and cloud migration are no longer sufficient due to the confluence of more recent disruptive technologies, which has altered how applications are created. The development of cloud native applications has become a lifesaver for businesses that need to deploy frequently and operate at a high business velocity.

Cloud Native solutions are simple to construct and easier to commoditize since they efficiently leverage Cloud technology, Microservices, DevOps, Containers, and PaaS. On the basis of market demands, it aids enterprises in accelerating application development and quickly scaling up services.

SNSKIES has successfully aided various clients in creating Cloud-Native apps and achieving:

  • Enjoy a 67% quicker product life cycle with accelerated application development.
  • 100% Scalability Support = Infinite Support
  • A stable server with 58% better performance and less support
  • Up to 92% less downtime for servers
  • Agile business ready to take on a dynamic market

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