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The current imperative is to unravel end-user behaviour while meeting their requirements and upholding corporate objectives. Monolithic architectures are constrained by their inability to scale up to meet the business's digital needs. According to IDC, 80% of application development would be carried out using Microservices on cloud platforms by 2021. To optimise infrastructure and support business innovation, it calls for a modern app architecture with horizontal scaling, the main feature of Microservices.

In addition to offering shared services and optimising adjustments, it is also possible in situations when a customer only favours a small number of the overall product's services, in which case it also makes API monetization possible. With the help of cloud and devOps technologies, SNSKIES' significant experience in problem-solving, planning, developing, testing, and supporting Microservices-enabled solutions ensures that you receive the best services under an effective IT governance architecture.

Microservices Expert Consulting

Your business objectives and product roadmap are understood by SNSKIES Technology Consultants, who then provide the best solution design, technology, and platform.

When re-platforming, our consultants assess and analyze your existing architecture and develop a thorough study that paints a clear picture of the advantages of enabling a Microservices platform. Additionally, you can learn how to improve the API driven ownership model and how microservices can provide benefits that will help you reach your corporate goals.

Microservices Re-Platforming

Recently, Microservices implementation has become so popular, and the results have been so promising, that many businesses around the world have decided to replatform their current product architecture. Our specialists at SNSKIES can assist you regardless of whether you have just begun to consider enabling Microservices or are in the early stages of adopting the MSA. At SNSKIES, we think that until the adoption approach and strategy are tailored to particular needs, market buzzwords by themselves cannot provide value to a company.

The expertise of SNSKIES in incrementally re-platforming a variety of goods has allowed for a gradual migration of their product portfolios into cutting-edge technologies.

Microservices Architecting

It is difficult to start an application from scratch because of the procedural ambiguity. To ensure that the broad picture of a well-architected Microservices product is securely and reliably evolved, SNSKIES has assisted many of our customers in the process of designing the product from the ground up using Microservices architecture. TechCello's pre-built microservices enablement framework knowledge allows us to assist our clients in expediting the solution's architecture.

Microservices Implementation

Implementation is a factor that is rarely considered. Have you previously implemented a Microservices-enabled architecture and need assistance adding new features or functionalities to it? Whether it be expanded monitoring, adaptations for particular clients, repeatable deployment, quality enhancement, etc., our best-in-class team of professionals will handle the procedure.

Microservices and API Testing

The number of smaller APIs that need to be tested also grows as a result of the Microservices architecture's division of a single large system into numerous little parts. The firm must remain operational to provide business continuity even after any changes, therefore quality assurance of these contracts is crucial. For business continuity, integration with automated test execution and fail-fast systems is essential for creating predictive support and addressing dependence concerns early on. Many of SNSKIES' clients have been able to guarantee excellent first delivery thanks to SNSKIES' experience and ready-to-use automation frameworks.

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