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Modernization Services

A successful strategy for creating infrastructure that gradually enhances customer experience and aids businesses in being competitive in the market is the progressive modernization of solutions. In spite of the fact that more than 80% of product companies believe their apps need to be updated, they are unwilling to do so because they are concerned about the expense and their capacity to support earlier versions.

Organizations have benefited from the cost optimization, shortened time-to-market, and enhanced user experience provided by SNSKIES Modernization Services. Our modernization solutions have spawned high-caliber, highly scalable systems that meet business requirements.


Your business priorities, market trends, consumer expectations, and pain areas will all be taken into account by our specialists as they determine which degree of modernization maturity you come under. Using our ROI Calculator, you may assess the financial success of your modernization project. Considering said assessments, we will recommend the following:

  • Modernization of the current technological platform and migration to newer ones
  • Changing the Solution Architecture
  • Effective Adoption and Migration Strategies

Technology Modernization

While you are restructuring your firm, technology and modernization must be your top priorities. Application Modernization Technology can lower expenses while enhancing service quality and helping you create business value. SNSKIES’s IT modernization services include:

  • Upgrading current software/components to use newer technology in order to create modular and scalable components
  • Migration of platforms to increase flexibility and simplify maintenance.

Architecture Modernization

System agility and team collaboration are improved through architecture modernisation. Some benefits of modernising architecture include a better digital experience and organisational maturity. Our engineers are specialists in microservices architecture, a modernization strategy for apps that promotes detached services to increase operational flexibility. SNSKIES assists clients with modernization in the following areas.:

  • Distinguish monolithic architecture to develop a microservices API paradigm and allow the development of plugin services across various technologies
  • Using ESB solutions like Mule Servicemix and others, enable service orchestration.
  • Offer a cloud-based architecture that supports platform neutrality, multi-tenancy, and high elasticity/concurrency.
  • Make sure there is enough flexibility to do modernisation all at once or to use swappable modernization to create incrementally replaceable components.

UI/UX Modernization

For effective client engagement, SNSKIES UI/UX modernization solutions offer dynamic, user-centric experiences. Our UI modernization team creates engaging products that boost the value of your company by adhering to the most recent design standards. We believe that legacy UI modernization requires the following:

  • Effective information architecture
  • Layout that is user- and device-aware
  • Contextualizing the content
  • Personalization

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