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Software Engineering as a Service

Any agile digital transformation journey should have as its primary goal the development of a flat organisation made up of small, autonomous teams that are open to change and actively involved in achieving agility and quickening business change. Having worked with businesses ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 1000, including VC funded firms, SNSKIES Systems has years of experience. Its area of competence is product engineering and the capacity to create and introduce successful products to the market. We were able to support ISVs and tech businesses.Manage multiple products in the portfolio

  • Pay close attention to the products' strategy, architecture, scalability, security, and performance.
  • Get access to specialist expertise like UI/UX, BA, DevOps, DBA, and more.
  • Deliver high quality software in every agile cycle.

How Software Infinity can help you

The software engineering strategy is elevated by the homegrown technique known as Software Infinity, which enables rapid delivery of hyper-scalable software solutions. The following advantages of Software Infinity's rapid delivery of dependable software services are made possible by its use of agile software development concepts, effective accelerators, high-performance teams, and a transparent governance model:

What Software Infinity Offers

An approach for developing long-lasting software applications is provided by the Software Infinity technique. The following services are given, motivated by core software ideas including framework-driven approach, DevOps BDD, TDD, and Design thinking concept:

We help to:

  • End-to-End Ownership Across Software Engineering Lifecycle
    • Conceptualizing, developing, automating, deploying, and supporting products
    • Modernizing legacy architecture, developing microservices, and creating cloud-native applications.
    • Engineering for digital products, including cross-channel, UI, and analytics
  • Diverse Skills Across Cutting-Edge Technologies
    • Experts in a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including Cloud, Microservices, AI/ML, DevOps, RPA, and UI/UX
    • Jira, TFS, Trello, and other Agile tool expertise to assist the client in producing high-caliber software
  • Controlled Ability To Offer Flexible Teams
    • High-performance teams who have built machine-critical applications before
    • A single point of accountability that can be increased or decreased based on demand
    • Worldwide distribution system

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SNSKIES has an exceptional blend of people, deep domain expertise, and technology capabilities to help you generate top-line growth.

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