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Professional Services

From reconnaissance till validation, enable vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

More than next-generation platforms and solutions are required to protect your firm against sophisticated cyber security attacks. You want highly trained security personnel to take care of present planning while also future-proofing your organization's complete security architecture. SNSKIES provides expert services such as detailed planning, speedy deployments, trouble-free transitions, and easy upgrades, among other things.

Cyber Security Professional Services

Cyber Security incident response & remediation

As part of a complete impact analysis, thoroughly evaluate event information such as the root cause, the breadth of data breaches, the impact on business, the optimum security incident response, and so on. Access in-depth cyber security incident reports to zero in on the best repair option and its related costs.

Solution Design & Deployment

Plan and build your security architecture for optimal solution performance in the face of evolving cyber threats, as well as a future readiness roadmap. With a rapid and painless deployment method, you can maximize your security infrastructure ROI at predictable costs.

Infrastructure and Cloud Security Assessments

Ensure that your infrastructure and cloud security are suited to your business needs and are not hampered by misconfigurations, lax access restrictions, or an inability to priorities threat detection and cleanup. With consulting-led cloud security assessments, you can accurately analyze risks and receive customized suggestions to help your firm accomplish its objectives.

Transition & Transformation

Get a comprehensive image of potential enhancements before switching from your existing cyber security method to a new one without encountering any integration challenges. Check that your security architecture allows for the simple and secure onboarding of private data such as customer information, as well as additional assets with greater security resilience.

Why are our professional services unique?

  • 24x7x365 service availability
  • KPI-focused approach in line with business drivers
  • Domain-specific cyber security maturity
  • Partnered with top security vendors

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