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Orchestrate digital transformation smoothly with

To help you optimize your IT investments while allowing improved operational efficiency and consistent client experiences, SNSKIES offers the entire range of managed support services. We also provide you the option to scale up or down to meet your company's needs, ensuring that your firm always gets the appropriate degree of assistance. Our End-to-End Managed Services help you become more flexible and productive in your day-to-day operations; we lighten your staff's workload while seeing chances to satisfy customers.

SNSKIES provides you with all the tools you need to switch from a reactive to a proactive mode of operation in order to hasten the ongoing digital transformation of your company. We enhance your control room while enhancing asset management, network support, infrastructure upkeep, and support ticketing so that your organization may reach new heights.

Driving transformation from the ground up

  • reate and maintain efficient communication

    Update clients on the general status, progress, and improvements in the support output on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Increase SLA effectiveness

    Identify possibilities for continual development while addressing all priority issues in accordance with the SLAs and allocating the appropriate resources on a project-by-project basis.

  • Automate governmental compliance

    Automate your company procedures to address cybersecurity risks immediately while keeping them secure and compliant with regulatory regulations.

  • Act proactively to address important challenges

    Get your customer service staff to consistently communicate with clients about pressing concerns and to offer a high degree of assurance and assistance.

Create a support ecosystem with SNSKIES if you are looking to

  • Use a scalable and adaptable digital customer engagement approach to proactively contact with customers on support-related issues via reports or calls.
  • Support upcoming technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things while coordinating infrastructure performance with long-term corporate goals.
  • Immediately address governance and security issues using secure processes to reduce the risk of business interruption for your firm.
  • Use hot patches to temporarily repair important problems while concurrently developing a long-term remedy with a deployment-optimized solution.
  • With a single, digital-first support platform that promotes more agility, cooperation, and transparency, go beyond simply 'keeping the lights on'.

Stay on top of enterprise and customer challenges

  • Support services in silos

    We provide L1, L2, and L3 support maturity and knowledge that spans the full IT stack of your business, including more recent and disruptive technologies like AI and IoT. Ensure that the productivity of all of your technological resources is maximized.

  • Data integrity issues

    Your data sets are cleaned up of mistakes and discrepancies by us, ensuring that no detail is missed while data is transferred between systems. Enable protocols that verify new data sources to ensure the integrity of all data.

  • Reactive notifications and alerts

    We proactively address cybersecurity concerns in order to prevent system-related hazards and system breakdowns before your team is even aware that they have occurred. Without worrying your staff, have peace of mind knowing that your systems will always be operational.

  • Ineffective communication and escalation

    We ensure open communication about any issue that is pending or that requires further information, and if necessary, we start the internal or external escalation process. Streamlined escalation and communication standards will help you keep track of all of your support requests.

  • Changes to the IT ecosystem

    By efficiently tracking the general condition, important advantages and disadvantages of your systems, networks, and applications, you can better comprehend your IT environment. Increase the amount of business disruption and promote continuous process improvement throughout your company.

Our Enterprise Integration Managed Support Service Offerings

  • Level 1 Support
    • Integrity PROD environments interfaces monitoring
    • Problem detection and ticket creation;
    • Ticket acknowledgment
    • Ticket transfer to other systems owners (if necessary)
    • Proactive user notification of issues and a rough timetable for solutions.
  • Level 2 Support
    • Regularly checking Integration PROD environments
    • Finding issues and creating tickets
    • Acknowledging tickets (produced by the system)
    • Reassigning tickets to other system owners (if required)
    • System updates and maintenance
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Escalation to L3 Engineers
    • Ticket Resolution depending on Issue Priority
  • Level 3 Support
    • Issues Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
    • Performance Tuning
    • Change Management
    • Enhancements
    • Code Development
    • Code level Defect Fixes
    • Environment Simulation
    • Version Upgrade/Migration
    • Knowledge Management

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