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How SNSKIES Enterprise Software Application Testing Services Ensures Quality Assurance

Using the best practices of Agile, DevOps, and Shift-left methodologies, SNSKIES has been assisting ISVs in accelerating the delivery of their applications for the past 14+ years. In our Enterprise Application Testing Services, we use the top-tier automation frameworks and tools. The Managed Testing and QA services provided by SNSKIES use a structured testing approach called Hyper-Testing and AI in test automation. The following commercial advantages are provided as a result of combining excellent engineering and development teams to provide high-quality work.

How Do We Help You?

  • End-to-End Testing - For LOB apps, business units, and legacy applications, we fully manage enterprise software testing.
  • Service Optimization - By addressing a variety of topics like API Testing, Mobile Testing, Performance, Security Testing, and Functional Testing, we contribute to strengthening end-to-end test automation.
  • Legacy Applications Transformation - We help test the migration of legacy to new-age applications without any spillover of data by supporting both the platforms until the time of transformation.
  • Testing Centre of Excellence - We support the establishment and operation of a TCoE to enable centralized testing processes, to enhance test planning, management, governance, and reporting, and to have access to the most recent advancements in the testing industry..

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