Independent Software Testing

Improve Your Business Efficiency with Effective Software Testing Automation Services

Test Automation

Improve Your Business Efficiency with Effective Software Testing Automation Services

Automation has dominated the testing process across industries due to its price and efficiency. As a result of the open-source community's significant contributions of highly intelligent automation technologies, it is inevitable that some firms will switch entirely to an automated testing framework.

At SNSKIES, our enthusiastic team always keeps up with the most recent automation trends and is skilled in deploying and managing more than 20 potent technologies, including Cucumber, Selenium, Win Runner, QTP, Test Complete, and Test Partner, among others. Our Software Test Automation Services include:

  • Test Automation Consultancy Services
  • Framework Design & Development
  • Test Automation Execution
  • Test Automation Maintenance

We provide auxiliary services to ensure a quicker integration to our automated processes so that your requirements may be quickly transformed into monetizable solutions. Our automation testing services include:

  • Cloud-based Test Automation
  • Continuous Automation
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Behavior-driven Development
  • Acceptance Test driven Development
  • Performance Automation
  • Lean/Agile Software Engineering

With our expertise working with some of the top software solution providers in the market, SNSKIES has nurtured a core group of enthusiastic test engineers who work tirelessly to increase testing process efficiency. We take satisfaction in being able to uphold the standards of a work environment that firmly encourages individuals to continuously learn and develop in their areas of interest. As a result, our testing team is made up of a diverse mix of specialists in the best testing tools available. We continue to improve the quality of our services and raise the bar for customer satisfaction thanks to our expertise working with top-tier technologies and best practices.

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